Pathways to Healing

An event focused on therapeutic farming communities. I’m presenting on permaculture & health

Pathways To Healing


Human & Environmental Health are Inextricably Intertwined with #climatehealth


“Cleaning up carbon pollution will have an immediate, positive impact on public health; particularly for those who suffer from chronic diseases like asthma, heart disease or diabetes. Doctors” [AND nurses] “understand the critical need to educate the public and policy makers on the need to do more to protect our air, our climate and our health.”

It’s not about climate change…

…or peak oil, or income inequality, or mass extinction, or any other issues that you’ll hear about in mainstream or alternative media.  Not that those issues aren’t important – they’re all just too…I don’t know: negative. bleak. Too emotionally or politically charged to spur any real change. And the solutions proposed to address these problems tend to reinforce the very systems that created them in the first place. Continue reading