Joining the Resilient Health Network is simple and membership is free, and you choose your benefits.

Step 1: Complete the membership survey, and to let us know what you want and how you can help.  Each program will be given priority based on the collective interest of our members.

Step 2: Make a voluntary financial donation based on your chosen membership level. We trust you to contribute any amount you wish but we would suggest the following guidelines.

  • Bronze membership – free access to 1 program of your choice
    • Donate 1 hour of your time
  • Silver membership – free access to 3 programs of your choice
    • Donate 1 (8-hour) day of your time
  • Gold membership – free access to all programs
    • Donate 1 (40-hour) week of your time

To determine the economic value of your time, please see the following examples:

  • if you work for an hourly wage, use that wage
  • if you work for a salary or have other sources of income, divide your salary or adjusted gross income by 52, then by 40
    • If your salary or AGI is $60,000, divide by 52 which = $1153.84.
    • Then divide $1153.84 by 40 which =$28.85)
  • if you currently have no consistent source of income – don’t worry about it: you are valuable and so is your membership