Health Off Grid

So…what kind of healthcare system do YOU want?

Get paid for sharing your story and your vision for resilient health!

Here’s how it works:

  • Review the Sample Chapter – Submit your contact information below and you will be emailed a password to access samples for each section – PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE
  • Tell Your Story (in 10,000 characters or less) – Select a poignant experience related to human and/or environmental health from your PAST from your own experience or that of a loved one and type it out
  • Teach Your Lesson (in 10,000 characters or less) – Share your analysis of what you learned about the health care system – its strengths and weaknesses – as it exists in the PRESENT
  • Describe Your Vision (in 10,000 characters or less) – Then describe your vision for the FUTURE of a more resilient health care system
  • Take the Survey – Submit your contact information below, take the survey that will be emailed to you, copy/paste your story and vision into the appropriate boxes and submit! Your submission will be reviewed and may be selected for inclusion in one of the planned volumes of the book series Health Off Grid, each of which volumes will feature 10 stories
  • Get Paid! – The best part is: regardless of whether or not your story and vision are chosen to be featured in one of the volumes, you will still have the opportunity to get paid by promoting the book series. Every person who submits a survey and indicates their interest in being reimbursed will receive a percentage of the proceeds of ANY of the books if the buyer indicates that you referred them.  And the royalty distribution structure is completely transparent: a monthly report of distributions will be made available, along with your royalty payments which are estimated to be based on a pricing model of $10 per copy sold.
  • Join the movement – additionally, by submitting your survey you automatically become a member of the Resilient Health Network, and will receive basic membership benefits.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your contact information below and you will be contacted shortly.