It’s About Resilience

It's About Resilience

Our news and social media feeds are flooded with the appearance of a debate over climate change. And there are plenty of opportunistic capitalists who would love to sell us overpriced “green,” “sustainable,” or “eco-friendly” products to soothe our hyper-vigilant nursing consciences. But what if I were to tell you that it’s not about climate change, or sustainability, or mass extinction, or peak oil, or any other associated topics? Would you write me off as a denier and turn the page? Or would you keep an open mind and read on to consider another perspective?

Rather than focusing on “impending doom” and the politics of climate change, let’s instead frame climate conversations within the context of resilience – our ability to adapt and grow. Resilience is about overcoming obstacles, planning for the future, and being open to change as we develop ourselves to live sustainably on the earth. As holistic nurses, we can integrate interventions, both personally and professionally, that build resilience and health within ourselves, our families, and our communities.

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