May 16-17, Wilderness First Aid

Trillium Center

We are so excited to have Dave Pike back to teach a Wilderness First Aid class at the Trillium Center. This year, Charles Schiavone will be a co-trainer. You will also be excited to learn that the Trillium Center will offer an Herbal First Aid course to participants later in the year!

Here are the details for the May training:
(Registration information is at the bottom, you must register to participate).

Wilderness First Aid
Join us on May 16-17 is a hands-on course that prepares you to avoid, prevent or cope with medical issues in wilderness environments. This is a 16-hour class over two days including the following topics:

Day One
1: Introduction, Preparation and Assessment of the Problem
2: Preventing and Caring for Injuries (All Types)

Day Two
1: Problems with Weather and Environment
2: Bites, Bugs and Plant Poisons
3: Medical Problems
4: Conclusion, Exam & Performance Evaluations

Total cost: $80

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