Climate Change and Health

The White House released a FACT SHEET today addressing the health impacts of climate change.  It is laudable, especially given the political climate.

Many bloggers, writers and thinkers, such as Dan Bednarz at Health After Oil, and Fellows Cindy Parker and Brian Schwartz at the Post Carbon Institute (@postcarbon), have sought to draw attention to this topic for years and even decades.

Although perhaps it is too little, too late, I will be interested to see the outcomes of the various executive actions and initiatives over the coming years.

Regardless of these outcomes, we need grassroots efforts.  Especially projects that dig deeper into the underlying causes of human and environmental health problems, and that seek to address those causes from the root.

Permintic is one of these projects.  There are many, many more (The Trillium Center, The Hummingbird Project, Koanga Institute, The Moringa Project) and yet more still are needed.

If you believe the science – at this point we need top-down and bottom-up approaches.


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