This is How Science Happens – No Joke

I wish this was an April Fools joke… 60 years of debate on water fluoridation from conspiracy theory to scientific proof.

…makes you wonder what other conspiracy theories we unscientifically deride and dismiss to our ultimate detriment, doesn’t it?

Whatever happened to the precautionary principle?

Prove its safety and benefit before putting it into the water, please. Thank you.

1955 – unsafe

1985 – safe

1987 – safe

2002 – p. 561 – unsafe

2004 – safe

2004 – unsafe

2006 – unsafe

2007 – safe

2011 – unsafe

2011 – safe

2011 – unsafe

2012 – unsafe

2013 – unsafe

2014 – unsafe

2015 – unsafe


2 thoughts on “This is How Science Happens – No Joke

  1. Wow-it is scary. Makes you feel like you’re a variable in a science experiment and the outcome is not always to your benefit. I remember growing up hearing about the value of fluoridation in our water, and ended up with erosion in the enamel of my teeth! That would have been in the 1950’s.

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