2 thoughts on “Lipid researcher, 98, reports on the dietary causes of heart disease

  1. Interesting. I understand the oxidixed LDL test is currently only available to researchers.

    I’ve been studying the cholesterol issue, and have found another lipid researcher who has impressed me, Chirs Masterjohn. A much younger researcher who has embraced the Weston A. Price approach. He says “it’s not about the high concentration [of cholesterol]… It’s about the degeneration of those lipoproteins in the blood that are carrying those lipids… We want to seek how to prevent the degeneration of those lipids… The need to get sufficient nutrients to minimize the degeneration of these lipids, and the need to minimize inflammation, infection, and other toxic factors that contribute to their degeneration.”

    There’s a series of interviews between Chris Kresser and Chris Masterjohn that are quite informative (where I got the quote above)


  2. Great stuff! I was taught about the role of oxidative stress in atherosclerosis, oxidized LDL in particular, but there wasn’t much of a differentiation in my coursework between the infiltrative and degenerative hypotheses. It was refreshing to hear him make that distinction clear and fascinating to hear him dissect so many of the studies that have helped to inform the current approach to managing dyslipidemias. Thanks for the links!

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